Purity of the life of the Messenger of Allah

The life of the Messenger of Allah before the mission

The life of the Messenger of Allah before and after the mission was characterized by complete purity, ethics and great qualities that rarely meet in that ignorance environment for anyone. The Messenger of Allah was known for honesty and honesty. This made the enemies of the Messenger of Allah trust him for their money and deposits despite their great hostility towards him. Allah's enmity towards his people is a secret to him. Therefore, the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used Ali bin Abi Talib as the night of migration to return the deposits to their owners, even though the owners of these secretariats agreed to kill him that night.

Save God to the Messenger of Allah

And look at the biography of the Messenger of Allah to recognize the purity of his life and the preservation of God to him; he has done the right to the eye of God and the Almighty; to be the seal of prophets and messengers, may God protect him I - the period of youth - before the prophecy - what was the people of ignorance, and forbade the fight against sins or bring the religion , As the Messenger of God - as the son of Isaac and others - God calls him and saves him, and protect him from the excuses and ignorance of ignorance (1).

The Messenger of Allah said: "You saw me in the boys of the Quraysh, we move stones for some of what the boys play, we all have been stripped and taken away [2] And put it on his neck; carry stones on him, I accept with them and I was able to have a severe punch for you, and then he said: Tighten your attraction to you. Betty and robe Ali among my companions. "[3].

He said: "When the Quraish daughter of the Kaaba was alone, two men and two men were moving stones, so I and my nephew made us take our trees and put them on our faces [ 4], and we make stones on them, and if we deny the people of Bnna Azarena, our face is in front of me when he was [5], and I sought a vision [6] to heaven, I said: My nephew, what is your business? He said: "I was forbidden to walk naked." He said: Victmth until God showed Npute [7].

He said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say: "What I was interested in something that the people of ignorance take care of him singing only two nights, both of the two of me, the night of some of them The boys of Makkah and we are in the care of the sheep of our family, so I said to my companion: "Look at me my sheep, until I enter Mecca, and I will say to them as the boys do." I said: "What did you do?" I said, "What did you do?" I said, "What did you do?" I said, "What did you do?" I said, "What did you do?" Then I told him what I had seen, and then I said to him another night, "Look at me, my sheep, until I bow to Mecca." So he did, and I went in. When I came to Mecca, I heard like you heard that night. By the ears of God, Fu what God woke me up only touching the sun, she went back to my friend, he said: What did you do? I said: Nothing. And then I told him what I saw, God is what I wanted and did not go back after something of that until God gave me his prophecy "[9].

The Messenger of Allah never drank wine, and never worshiped an idol; it was Ali said: The Prophet was told: Have you ever worshiped a virgin? he said no". They said: Have you ever drunk wine? He said: "No, I still know that they are disbelievers, and I did not know what the book or faith" [10].

And the mother of Ayman - may Allah be pleased with her - the incubator of the Prophet not to prostrate for the fetus never say: was a penance brought by the Quraish a day in the year, was Abu Talib attend with his people, and was talking to the Messenger of God to bring it with him, And I saw his aunt angry at him, and said: O Muhammad, what you want to bring your people a holiday, and do not multiply them together ?! So they did not leave him until he went, so he missed what God wanted, and then returned terrified panic, said aunt: What Dhak? He said: "I fear that my wigs." So he said: "What was the God of the devil and you in the qualities of good what is in you, So what did you see? He said: "Whenever I Dnot from the fetish of them represent me long white man shouting me: behind you, O Muhammad, do not touch him." She said: What is back to Eid them [11].

This is the case after the revelation of it does not rest to the world, and does not search for its melts, it is the Messenger of Allah tells the leaders of Quraysh when they offered him the world in exchange for leaving his call: "What I brought you I did not ask for your money, nor honor in you, , But God sent me a messenger to you, and sent down a book, and ordered me to be a bishop and a warning, I received you the message of my Lord, and advised you, if you accept me I did not come to you is your luck from this world and To the end, though Trdoh Ali endure the order of God, so God judged me and you "[12]. The goal is clear in the mind of the Messenger of Allah, and great confidence in the victory of God, despite his denial and stubbornness that joins it.

Pictures of the purity of the life of the Messenger of Allah

And the purity of the life of the Messenger of Allah and its perfection that he did not wait and take advantage of the opportunities to transcend his people and followers, and there are many evidence on that; including his position on the eclipse of the sun at the time of the death of his son Ibrahim; And the people said: I have been forgiven for the death of Abraham. The Messenger of Allah said: "The sun and the moon sign of God, do not Aksvan to the death of one or life, if you have seen it separated and claimed God" [13]. Such as this is not issued by a liar or a liar, if he was not the Messenger of God of the proponent of prophecy, to seize this opportunity, and said: Look at the sun, I grieved for my sorrow and Ixft. But God forbid that the Messenger of Allah to do so.

And the purity of his life and clarity - also - the Prophet of God to show his humanity, what Mohammed but a human of the sons of Adam, born of parents, eating food and marry women, hungry and sick, and joy and grief, and really amazing that this confirmation comes from it and insists on it. It is more beautiful to remember here the position of Jarir bin Abd Allah, who said: "The Prophet came with a man who was trembling [14] and he said to him: "! He said: Then he recited Jarir bin Abdullah Bajali: {and what you stated the Koran they Jabbar afraid and feast} [s: 45] [18].

It is one of the greatest evidence of the purity of the life of the Messenger of Allaah (may Allah be pleased with him). Liar! (1: 2), and that Abdullah bin Umm Maktoum came to the Prophet to guide him, and the Prophet offered him; for his preoccupation with the invitation of Sadat Quraish, and came down to Etap God was great to his prophet, was a Quran recited to the Day of Resurrection, and has repeated this repentance in more than one position of the positions of his life.

So Muhammad was very clear, and we were very clean; his message was the conclusion of the messages.


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